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The 12 Best Office Management Tools Of 2024

best office management tools

Managing daily tasks for a modern office can be challenging. Booking external meeting rooms, scheduling a work trip for the CEO, and keeping track of inventory are just a few of the many tasks involved in office management. How do you ensure you perform these tasks efficiently when working hybrid? Office management tools are the solution. In this article, we have gathered the 12 best tools of 2024 for you. Discover them now.

A shortlist of the best office management tools:

  1. Wezoo
  2. Any.do
  3. Typeform
  4. Appointlet
  5. Helpjuice
  6. Harvest
  7. Expensify
  8. Zoom
  9. Netstock
  10. TravelPerk
  11. SaneBox
  12. Slack

What are the best office management software tools of 2024?

1. Wezoo

screenshot of wezoo platform
Screenshot of Wezoo booking tool

Do you need to host an important meeting with clients, partners, or colleagues? And is there not enough space in the company’s office? With Wezoo you can easily and efficiently book an external meeting room in an instant. It is the first marketplace where you see the live availability of each room, so you can immediately book the room. You only need a payment card. Are you unexpectedly unable to attend? You can always cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before booking.


  • Free cancellation 24 hours in advance
  • Always up-to-date availability
  • Pay only for what you need
  • Everything is taken care of

2. Any.do

screenshot of any.do platform
Any.do’s to-do-list platform

Any.do is a handy to-do-list tool that combines calendar appointments and tasks in one place. Using the Daily Planner, you can see which tasks are scheduled at a glance. You will also receive a reminder of an appointment or task, even via WhatsApp. It doesn’t matter whether you use your laptop, mobile, or smartwatch; Any.do is synchronised on all your devices.


  • +100 custom-made templates
  • Integration with +6000 apps
  • For personal and team tasks
  • Easy-to-use dashboard

3. Typeform

screenshot of typeform platform
Typeform’s survey tool

Typeform is a survey tool you can use for a variety of purposes. For example, asking for feedback on a recent event or collecting dietary preferences for a meeting lunch. With the built-in AI tool, you can easily create beautiful forms that match the company’s branding. Or use the ready-made templates that you can use right away.


  • Detailed analysis for each question
  • 3000+ professional templates
  • 28 editable question types
  • Integration with +120 apps

4. Appointlet

screenshot of appointlet platform
Appointlet’s event management tool

Appointlet is one of the best event management tools that lets you easily schedule meetings without emailing back and forth. You enter availability, share a link with invitees, and they can accept or decline the meeting. Do you want to modify existing meetings? Thanks to the user-friendly environment, it’s easy to do. The invitees are automatically notified of the change.


  • Automatic confirmation and reminder messages
  • Quick access with a Chrome extension
  • Integration with popular apps
  • Customisable dashboard

5. Helpjuice

screenshot of helpjuice platform
Helpjuice knowledge base

With the document management software tool Helpjuice, you create, organise and share office documentation from one place. You write texts, add images and videos, and upload the documents to the platform. Helpjuice allows everyone in the organisation to find the information they are looking for. Additionally, you can make documentation available only to the people for whom it is relevant.


  • Intelligent Analytics for different purposes
  • User-friendly editor and search tool
  • Integrations with popular software
  • Available in 300+ languages

6. Harvest

screenshot of harvest platform
Harvest’s project management software

Harvest is handy project management software for freelance office assistants for time-tracking. It makes it easy to track time across projects and converts this data into reports and invoices, which you can easily share with your clients. Project management has never been easier.


  • Synchronised on different devices
  • Wide selection of visual reports
  • Custom automated reminders
  • Integrated online payments

7. Expensify

screenshot of expensify platform
Expensify’s expense management software

Managing expenses is a challenge for many office managers. Receipts for office supplies, lunch, and from employees can quickly pile up. Expensify helps you simplify expense management. Among other things, you can scan receipts, import credit cards and integrate the tool with popular accounting programmes. 


  • Custom business expense reporting
  • Spending trends in real-time
  • Duplicate receipts detecting
  • One-click receipt scanning

8. Zoom

screenshot of zoom platform
Zoom’s online meeting solution

Do you want to organise and host an online meeting easier? Zoom is the solution. With Zoom, you arrange (inter)national meetings from any location. With the handy AI Companion, you summarise the key points of meetings. You can also record the meeting with one click to use as a reference or to share with those who cannot attend.


  • Multi-language captioning and translations
  • AI summaries, next steps, and queries
  • HD audio and video meetings
  • Built-in collaboration tools

9. Netstock

screenshot of netstock

One of the tasks of an office manager is inventory management. Do you want to ensure the right stock is available to meet demand? Netstock is your best friend. With this office management solution, you keep track of the inventory so you can order in time when products are running low. On the contrary, is there too much in stock? With Netstock, you know you need to order less next time.


  • Dashboard with personal KPIs and metrics
  • Automatic safety stock levels
  • Integration with ERP Systems
  • Real-time inventory visibility

10. TravelPerk

screenshot of travelperk platform
TravelPerk’s all-in-one travel platform

Do you need to arrange a business trip? Make it easier for yourself with TravelPerk. TravelPerk is an all-in-one travel platform that lets you book and manage trips in one place. From bus to hotel. If someone can’t travel due to circumstances, you can cancel a few hours in advance and get a partial refund. Say goodbye to all the receipts, with TravelPerk you only get one per trip.


  • Advanced reporting and insights
  • Book everything in one place
  • Only pay when you travel
  • 24/7 customer support

11. SaneBox

screenshot of sanebox platform
SaneBox’s email management tool

As an office manager, you send quite a few emails weekly. And that takes time. With the AI email management tool SaneBox, you save three to four hours per week on email. With the tool, you minimise interruptions such as unwanted senders, or you receive a summary of unimportant, unopened emails. If you don’t get a response to sent emails within a certain time, SaneBox reminds you so you can send a follow-up email.


  • Automatic deletion of old, unimportant emails
  • Integration with popular email programs
  • Daily summary of unopened emails
  • Snooze emails until a better time

12. Slack

screenshot of slack platform
Slack’s online communication solution

Do you need someone quickly? Or are you out of the office and someone has a question? Ensure streamlined communication with one of the best communication tools: Slack. In the tool, you can create multiple (internal) chats, send private messages, and start a Huddle to discuss in real-time via video or voice. In addition, you can integrate Slack with other (project management) tools like Google Calendar to get a notification when a meeting starts.


  • Secure connection with external organisations
  • Text, video, audio, and emoji communication
  • Automate routine tasks with generative AI
  • Open and private chat channels

Simplify your work with office management systems today

Effective modern office management involves organised planning and management. Office management software systems like Wezoo give you the freedom to set up a structure that supports an organisation’s needs, from booking meeting rooms to ensuring streamlined communication with Slack. With these 12 best office management system tools in 2024, you will elevate your task management work to the next level.

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