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Photograph of the corridor close to the entrance of Creative Valley - Utrecht Centraal

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We all work on own assignments, but we like to get together a few times a week to help each other. Just around the corner here in Utrecht. I see my colleagues more often now because we don’t always have to travel to the office in Rotterdam.


Content marketeer

Our office was empty most of the time and that really demotivates even going to the office. We’ve canceled our office and instead we plan a coworking day every week to stay connected. It just works better for a quarter of the cost.


Project manager 

People want love need like a
change of scenery

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🚀 No subscriptions 

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⏱️ Pay-per-use working

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Wezoo acquires Affic

Over the past few months we have worked hard to complete the acquisition of Affic. Now it’s time to make it official! Wezoo is always

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Frequently Asked Questions

Download the app and sign-up. You now have access to the best workspaces around! You don’t need to make a reservation. Check the available seats in the app and just walk in!

No. Wezoo is pay-per-use, which means you only pay for the actual time you’ve used a workspace. All workspaces set their own price per hour, which varies from € 3,00 to € 5,00 depending on location and facilities. On top of the hourly rate, Wezoo charges a small service fee to make our services possible.

All workspaces have a Wezoo QR-code at the reception desk. You just scan the QR-code using the app and you’re good to go! You do need to upgrade your wallet balance to be able to check-in.

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