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Meet Frame Offices Haarlem

Maybe you already met them while working at one of the 12 Frame Offices locations who joined our platform. For those who didn’t, it’s time to meet our hosts from the Haarlem office: Tisha Nicky Hakvoort en Heidi Hoeflaak.

To get to know them better, Frerik Bongers asked a few questions!

  • What do you enjoy most at work?
    The atmosphere in our buildings! We have built up a good relationship with our tenants and like to make visitors feel welcome. They always know where to find us and that we’re open for a chat.
  • What does the new way of working mean to you?
    As Frame Office, we offer state of the art office spaces. This is what we’re really good at. But I see more and more people coming into our locations asking for the flexwork possibilities. I guess people like the flexibility too! So for me, the new way of working is about just doing what you like for yourself. Some like to come every day, some don’t!
  • How does Wezoo help you achieve your goals?
    We see Wezoo as a positive addition to the offering at our locations. We’re happy that we can help people who are looking for a flexible workplace now. Hopefully we can attract more people and create an even more vibrant community at our locations together with our main tenants!


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