An office for a day?

That’s the way! As fully remote company, the Egeniq team wants to meet each other at least once a month in person. To (re-)connect, to get creative and to just have fun. Together with Wezoo, they host monthly Coworking Days! 🖥 A desk for everyone, in a private office space with the team 📈 A […]

Girl on the Move

Thinking of the digital nomad lifestyle, I imagine an exotic destination, vegan food and a sustainability mindset. We found it at all Oceans Haarlem . And that’s why we invited Girl on the Move for a coworking day with us! Agnès Nederhof shares all tips and tricks about a life working on the road on […]

Introducing StartDock

We believe real serendipity happens when meeting the right people at the right place. And so does StartDock! Happy to introduce you to the #1 startup hotspot in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Their famous saying goes: ”We think it takes a community to grow a company!” We can’t agree more… Are you ready to grow your […]

Meet Frame Offices Haarlem

Maybe you already met them while working at one of the 12 Frame Offices locations who joined our platform. For those who didn’t, it’s time to meet our hosts from the Haarlem office: Tisha Nicky Hakvoort en Heidi Hoeflaak. To get to know them better, Frerik Bongers asked a few questions!

What is it we REALLY believe in?

We asked our co-founder and CEO, Tjeerd Bongers: ”It’s about working together again. At the end of the day, this is what we desire most. And this is possible at more places than just the office. We believe that people want to decide for themselves where, when and with whom they work. We see offices […]

EDGE Workspaces is now live

Koen Betlem: ”EDGE Workspaces is a co-working facilities and service provider from real estate developer EDGE. As a real estate developer we design our buildings from scratch. We use healthy and sustainable materials from the very fundaments to the final fit out. This differentiates our workspaces from many co-working offers. We are putting tenant’s wellbeing […]

Happy to introduce you to Creative Valley!

Anne van’ t Hoog: “Creative Valley is all about inspiration, interaction and facilitating encounters. The result is a working environment where you not only feel comfortable and work efficiently, but also become part of a committed group of entrepreneurs and companies.” Located AT Utrecht Central Station, they really set the bar on how coworking should […]

The story of Wezoo started with a simple question.

When brothers Tjeerd and Frerik finished their Masters degree, they both felt that instead of working for someone else, they wanted to build something themselves. Something they really believed in. One of the first questions during their conversations pushed them into the direction of what would later become Wezoo: where can we work together to brainstorm […]