Our mission: easy and reliable access to workspaces

Isn’t it a pain to find the right workspace? Despite our digital age, securing a space where you and your team can thrive still isn’t as straightforward as it should be. That’s why Wezoo is here to change the game. We make finding and booking a workspace instantaneous and hassle-free, empowering you to work whenever and wherever you choose.

Look no further. Start booking the best quality workspaces in an instant.

Wezoo about us
Wezoo Our story

Our story: why we do what we do

Back in 2022 we launched our first solution to make coworking spaces more accessible.

Wezoo was founded by brothers Tjeerd and Frerik, who personally experienced the frustrations of securing a flexible workspace. The old way? Endless calls and emails just to get a quote, followed by the nagging uncertainty about whether the space would meet expectations—simply unacceptable for crucial business events.

Determined to improve this process, they created Wezoo. Our platform lets you instantly find, compare, and book the highest quality workspaces with ease. Everything is fully automated to ensure a seamless booking experience. More than just convenient, Wezoo provides a reliable service that you can trust for your next business meeting.

Our team

Tjeerd Wezoo
Tjeerd, CEO
What drives you?

Building solutions that foster lasting, positive change. At Wezoo, we empower individuals to focus on what’s truly important in their work.

Frerik Wezoo
Frerik, CPO
What drives you?

Making hard problems simple. I have no patience for complex solutions, so our customers shouldn’t either.

Yuri Wezoo
Yuri, CTO
What drives you?

Interaction between people and technology. I love improving people’s daily live, one line of code at a time!

Richard Wezoo
Richard, COO
What drives you?

Innovation, to open the real estate market up to be more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Elias Wezoo
Elias, UX
What drives you?

Combining my interests in technology, psychology, and design, creating effortless and effective user experiences.

Our promise: Make workspaces work for you

We always strive to make our offerings as flexible as your workday.
We ensure every booking is guaranteed by our partners.
We’re constantly finding simpler ways for you to book what you need.
Your priorities set our standards—tell us what matters, and we’ll focus there.
We share all the details, helping you choose with confidence.
We partner exclusively with partners who deliver top-tier service and hospitality.