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"In five years we want to organize the workday of one million people."

The team behind Wezoo

Tjeerd Bongers
"I'm always building new things and I love to challenge the status quo. With Wezoo I'm doing both by revolutionizing the way we work."
Frerik Bongers
Chief Product Officer
"From day one we have innovated the use of office space and we are not done yet. That's why it's so cool to work at Wezoo."
Jarno van der Linden
Chief Revenue Officer
"I’m building Wezoo to make impact in the way we live. My motto? Just go for it and be happy trying."
Yuri van Geffen
Lead Developer
"Wezoo creates a world where personal flexibility and freedom is brought back into reality instead of pulled more into the digital world."
Dick Bogers
Creative Director
"Enabling our users in finding their own way of working is my new favourite creative challenge."
Ilona Vogel
"Besides visiting museums, playing Yatzee and looking up random wikipedia facts, I'm a designer at Wezoo :)"
David van Mourik
"I find it exciting to be part of a company that is at the forefront of the hybrid work movement, by building a platform that is revolutionizing the way people work."

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